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Baby Care

Megasoft takes good care of baby's sensitive skin, Backed by thoughtful design, people-oriented experience, high-quality material selection and the most strict standards, realize technology upgrade on the absorbency core, embossed surface topsheet, side leak-proof, bubble waistline, providing baby with multiple guarantees such as softness, dryness, safety and leak-proof.

Classic Diapers Big Ear Diapers Elastic Waistband Diapers

Suitable for babies aged 0~3 months, Megasoft's baby diapers are comfortable and breathable, keeping your baby clean and dry day and night

T shape Pants One-piece Q shape Pants Three-piece

The baby pants of Megasoft is suitable for babies aged 3~12 months All-round softness and comfort Exceptional freedom of movement for active babies

Baby Underpads

No matter where you are, you can use disposable diapers of Megasoft when changing diapers on the trip.

Bubbles waistline

The bubble waistline is helpful to well-fitting coupling. Babies are in their period of rapid growth, and the tightness of the diaper will affect the baby's partial blood circulation. The long-lasting tighten waistline will lead to uncomfortable feelings ,even seriously affect the baby's growth and development.

360°liquid-blocking design

The left and right leak-proof are heightened and upgraded, and the protective power is strengthened to reduce the left and right urine leakage rate; Hydrophobic non-woven fabrics are applied to the front and back, so that there is no worry on liquid blocking, and the rate of urine leakage from the front and back is reduced; The baby's flexible movement is not restrained, and the baby's nature is released.

Magic absorbency core

Supporting the application of products such as baby diapers and baby pants diapers, the main focus is on "divided liquid locking fortresses" to increase the highest utilization rate of the absorbency core to meet customers' needs for cost reduction, environmental friendliness, and carbon emission reduction; The dual pathway can meet the needs of liquid instant suction and high-efficiency diversion.

*Utility Model Patent Application Number:202221105011.2 Patent application has not been authorized

Hi-tech U-shaped absorbency core

Double slots above the core, U-shaped core Under the premise of ensuring a large absorbency capacity, speed up the absorption speed

Data source: Megasoft Lab

Waist welding technology upgrade

Using scientific ultrasonic waist side sealing technology. Ensure that the waistline has enough peel force value, and it can be easily torn when changing

Ultrasonic Waistline

Reduce the use of hot melt adhesive, to improve softness. More suitable for sensitive skin babies

Intermittent Glue Spraying

Optimize the glue spraying system, spray glue on the bottom layer intermittently The blank area between the spiral glue can significantly improve the softness of the product

Upgrading surface layer online embossing

Surface embossed 3D effect increased by 30%

De-embossing the leakage protector partition

Use of the special glue, cancel the embossed pattern of the end seal. Significantly improved softness at the end seal

Velcro short cut online center compound

The left and right edges do not contain velcro tapes and hard hooks. No need to worry about skin being scratched