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Feminine Care

MEGASOFT exclusive innovation 1+1 absorption technology, including high quality materials, that speed the infiltration rate of the product and increase the absorption of the product. Providing softer feeling, drier product experience, and care healthy skin.

Sanitary Napkins

Available in different thicknesses and lengths with wings designs. Fits snugly and has maximum protection even during sports.

Mini Sanitary Napkins

Mini sanitary napkins with wings, thicker than panty liner, Shorter than sanitary napkins, suitable for light flow.

Panty Liners

Available in different sizes, almost 0-sense product experience, It can play a protective role before and after menstruation It can also be used on a daily basis.

Female Incontinence Underwears

360-degree elastic waistband, full wrap leak-proof underwear At any time and in any scene, sweet sleep and play and no need to be afraid of leakage

MEGASOFT helped a lot of women around the world. Enjoy the convenience of revolutionary feminine care products. Group always adhered to spirit of excellent innovation, With high-quality products and thoughtful designs, to meet the physiological needs of female friends, and also make every woman feel more confident in their lives.

Breast Pads

Small and portable, soft non-woven fabric. Available in a variety shapes, adhesive to the clothes. It has the effect of preventing milk leakage .

Maternity Pads

Straight shape like sanitary napkins, thicker than regular sanitary napkins. With adhesive at the back, suitable for mothers in puerperium.

Maternity Disposable Underpads

Portable & foldable underpads available in different sizes. Suitable for mothers in pregnancy and puerperium, to keep the bed sheets clean.

1+1 Double Acquisition Distribution Layers

New 1+1 double acquisition distribution layer. Faster absorption for a drier topsheet, to bring with fresher experience feeling.

Personalized Design on Absorbing Channels

Special shape, comfortable and suitable to the skin. Delicate and personalized design.