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A Leading Company in Sustainable Hygiene Products

Obtain FSC forest management certificate

Reduce CO2 emissions by 480,000KG

Recyclable Production Process

Adhere to the recyclability of the product process. Reach a long-term strategic cooperation with downstream recyclable merchants.

Follow the principle of environmental friendliness. Let the waste be refreshed and find a place suitable for its own value.

The annual recyclable capacity is 2,800 tons. A year-on-year increase of +21%. It is equivalent to reducing 99 tons of standard coal burning.


Purchasing non-woven fabrics, polymers, back sheet films, packing bags and other recyclable materials.

100% degradable. Adhere to the environmental friendly social responsibility

Environmental Protection of The Production Factory

By 2022, the China factory of MEGASOFT cover with photovoltaic panel power generation plan.

A total of 3.2 million kWh of electricity has been saved so far

With the completion of the 4th, 5th and 6th factories of MEGASOFT in China

this data will climb up steeply, from 2022 onwards

MEGASOFT attaches great importance to the legitimate rights and interests of employees

Focus on the sustainable development of employees. The training coverage reaches 100%. Monthly reading club was organized regularly.

Create a good office atmosphere. Monthly birthday parties and gifts.

Pay attention to the needs of employees and their families. Support for the number of children attending nearby schools